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Last day blues June 2, 2006

Filed under: Education — Annaleis @ 9:46 pm

Yes, we all knew it was coming, and I can just sense your sweaty palms and bloodshot eyes as they scour the Internet, waiting, hoping, lusting….for this post.

As the coherent amongst you know, today was my last day teaching my grade 1 class. It was a good day. The school even gave me a bunch of flowers, and a got some lovely thankyou cards from staff members.

In the morning the flying start teacher offered to take the class by herself for the morning, to give me some packing up time. Usually she takes a small focus group and I take the rest. It was good because I could get a few extra jobs done, and that could have saved me half an hour this afternoon.

After that we wrote a letter as a class to the returning teacher, and told her about a few things we did while she was away. (It took about half an hour to print the bloody thing though, thereby making up for the time I had free this morning – Typical!)

Then recess rolled around, and unfortunately ended, and soon the Kiddies wandered off in silence to PE. Straight after that we made pretty cards for someone important to us. (Aww some kids made one for me…Sniff sniff!)

Speaking of sniffing, it was around this time that I noticed something in the room that smelled terrible. I sniffed around a bit more until I finally (after 4 seconds) pinpointed the culprit. I couldn’t believe it.

One of my kids had shit his pants.

As the smell by this stage was unbearable, I approached him pretty much straight away. I asked him if he needed to go to the toilet. He backed away from me pretty quickly with his hands up saying ‘No, no!’,then ran back to his desk. I shuddered as he sat down, envisioning the accompanying squelch. I was surprised that NONE of the other kids had even noticed!

I waited until lunch again to pounce, and I saw him when he went out to play.

I tried a new tactic, this time asking if perhaps he had had an accident.


“Hmm, are you sure?”

“Well…..I might have…”

Pah! might have? Yeah, and Napoleon Dynamite might be the coolest dancer in the world!

I pursuaded him to ‘go and check’, ie scrape his derps clean, while I held his half eaten sanga.

Ten minutes later he came back smiling. I won’t share with you the description he gave me, suffice it to say he didn’t stink half as bad, though I lost my appetite in a serious way. He reached out for his sanga.

“Wait a minute…Did you wash your hands?”

“Um….I forgot.”


I saw the teacher who had taken my class earlier this morning, and told her what had happened…and no, we didn’t giggle that much… 😉

It so happens that she thought she had smelt something funny when she taught them too, meaning that this kid had been walking around with lumps in his undies since about 9:30 this morning!

And, after all that, I still have to gall to say yes, I’ll miss the little tykes.


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