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Sweet tooth May 18, 2006

Filed under: Oscar — Annaleis @ 9:14 pm

I was sitting at my desk this afternoon, drinking a cold Milo ™ when I was interrupted by Oscar scratching my leg.

Usually this somewhat painful gesture means 'come and play with me', or sometimes even 'let me out before I leak on something I shouldn't'.

I leaned over and picked him up, and that fact that I was able to pick him up at all means that he just needed some puppy lovin'.

When he's not running around in circles, growling at his own leg, he's quite an inquisitive little thing. He soon spied my coveted Milo (TM) on the desk, and as he does, he jumped from my lap, and landed all four paws firmly on my desk. (Unusual for a dog who constantly runs into doorways. Smack!)
I tried to stop him, but it was too late. That poor drink was a gonner.

oscar 1.JPG

The initial investigation

oscar lick.JPG oscar long tongue.JPG

All systems go!

No polka-dot glass could survive that tongue.

oscar lick 2.JPG

Chop-lickin' goodness

oscar 2.JPG

"Cup of tea you say? No thanks I'm all Milo'd ™ out!"

oscar desk.JPG

"I'd like to get down now please.

Just put the rest of it my bowl if you don't mind. You don't seem thirsty anymore anyway."


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