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How do people know? May 11, 2006

Filed under: Education — Annaleis @ 8:09 pm

Staffrooms, in direct opposition to what most students think, are not comfortable places to be. Yes yes yes, there's heating, and there's comfy chairs, an urn and a microwave, but i'm not talking about creature comforts here folks, i'm talking about the other sort of comfort.
You know what i'm on about, the kind there you walk in to eat your lunch halfway through a conversation, and suddenly entire room shuts down, leaving an eerie silence to drape itself over the staff, creating an atmosphere consisting only of tight smiles and muffled chewing noises.

During these silent periods, the reluctant staff roomers politely tear off tiny chunks of sandwiches, and politely try to feed their faces…slowly…slowly, when in reality their stomachs are imploding with hunger.

I sat in such a situation today, politely drinking my disgusting cup of coffee when the principal entered and sat down next to me, dropping half the contents of his sandwich in his lap.

How honoured I was, but his visit seemed to have a purpose.

I was being head hunted.

Head hunted you say? whatever for? Was I not but a lowly teacher with limited experience, mainly in the early childhood sector?

But alas, alack and al…something!

Another principal had rung him earlier that day for little ol' me to go work in a grade 4/5 in a small primary school in a far off place. Bear in mind, avid reader, that i've never been to visit this school, let alone heard of the principal, so:

how the hell did they know about me?

I was given about 2 hours to think about taking the job, and even that was apparently stretching things.

I ended up ringing this bloke back after school to politely decline the offer, as I was planning to be out of the country by the beginning of term three.

Hopefully someone else will say nice things about me and i'll score a job somewhere better 😉

Keep spreadin' the word!


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