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Getting there. May 7, 2006

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Tomorrow I will be one step closer to teaching in England. I have finally completed my application to the agency which I hope will bear me across the vast oceans and continents. Tomorrow this overseas teaching application will be sent back from whence it came, for 'processing'.

I received it joyfully three months ago, and since then I have been adding snippets of information about myself and my education. During this time I have arranged a passport, and possibly found some people I know who are living in London right now. I haven't contacted them as yet.

Like I said, I'm getting there.

For those of you I haven't spoken to, I hope to leave by September, which is the start of the English school year, right after summer.
Right now my priorities are as such:

  • Finish this last four weeks teaching my grade one class;
  • Arrange a 'clearance entry visa', which I can't leave Australia without;
  • Spend two days scanning a huge box of worksheets, and burn them on a cd;
  • Save as much money as possible;
  • Book flights;
  • Get a credit card;
  • Throw all the unnecessary items out of my room.

Tomorrow I trek down to the local post office after school, and post the neatly stapled paper parcel to Adelaide. After that, they will arrange a face to face interview with me, just to size me up.

The ball is rolling.


2 Responses to “Getting there.”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Hey Annalies, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you! Your hair looks great by the way!

    I’m currently in London (been here for just over 18 months and going home in September. You will need to add the following to your list:

    Thermals, the winter seems to last forever over here, especially coming over when you are, it pretty much sucks!
    Lots of money, the conversion rate is rubbish and London is more expensive than anywhere else in the country.
    Lots of sanity!!! Kids over here aren’t like ones at home (well not how I remember them anyway!) If you end up working in London, I wish you lots of luck. I worked in the office of a secondary school for 6 months, and that was close enough to the students as I wanted to get. Public schools over here aren’t really at the same standard of public schools at home.

    Other helpful hints:
    Don’t ever go to a Walkabout, tacky Australian theme pubs. awful, awful creations!
    Getting used to the Underground takes some doing, but once you master it, it’s great! And then you realise that you walk somewhere quicker than what it takes to get the tube…………
    Homesickness really sucks. There is nothing worse than wanting to call home and it’s the early hours of the morning, but I’m sure that your parents would be like mine and they won’t care that you wake them up. But after a few months it goes away (well it did for me anyway!)

    Leaving your comfort zone is an incredibly hard and brave thing to do. But then this ends up being your comfort zone and the thought of leaving it is weird, even though you’re going back home.

    But the good stuff pretty much outweighs the bad. It’ll be one of the best experiences of your life. Being so far away from home helps you in ways that never would have happened if you were at home (even on the mainland)

    Enjoy your time over here, it really is worth it!

  2. Annaleis Says:

    Thanks for the advice Lisa! Nice to hear from you too, and also to hear that you’re having a great time in England!
    I’ll definitely be adding thermals to my list of necessary clothing 😉 I have a feeling that I will be underestimating the climate there, and will learn my lesson after the first freezing night.
    Hopefully I won’t be heading straight to London, but instead starting out in a more rural area like the Cotswolds, so I’m not too overwhelmed when I get there (especially since I’ve never been to a major city in my life).

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