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OK class, we’ve got a lot of things to do this morning! May 4, 2006

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This is going to be one of those posts where I barrage you with a heap of pictures instead of bashing the insides of your heads with a heap of words that I pulled out of Satan-knows-where.

Lucky you!

This post is set to be a bigg'un, a category three! If I think of anything else of interest I may have to upgrade to a category four, enough to knock the aphorisms off an athiest.

Firstly, last Friday night Cat and Wally came up from hobart with their kiddies, Tabitha (2) and William (5 months)

We had a wow of a time having tea at Nicole's house (us highschool buddies gots ta stick together!) I took a few happy snaps to post so you could all see how disgustingly cute they are…


baby william.JPG
Little Willy is all smiles when the camera's on him

tabitha food.JPG

Tabby, on the other hand was torn between the camera and "mooore cheeeeese mummmy!"


We had tea, a chat, then it was bath time for the lucky ones. Tabby promptly started helping nicole wash out the bath by squirting half of her expensive conditioner into the tub 😉 They wouldn't let me get in the bath. Let alone take my clothes off. Sad state of affairs if you ask me.

After that weekend was well and truly over (note the skipping of Saturday night recount of the night at the pub…Oh alright, here's an ambiguous tid bit to get you going…)

I got home from Anna's birthday bash at three on Sunday morning. That taxi driver was pretty annoyed with me though, I told him I only had about a dollar. I'd spent the rest on a dollar dog. Which I ate in his taxi. I don't see a problem.


What now? Oh yeah, since I've been so busy with work and everything I havne't had time for any crochetting, but i was going to put this pic on anyway:

green scarf.JPG
It's about half finished. Don't think I'll add a fringe…they're for wimps. And pimps.

Nearly there, just up this hill…

When I lived in Lonny with Bread last year, we frequented the health food shop in town, just off the mall. One glorious day, in that shop, I stumbled upon these little over-packaged gingery tears of heaven:

Spicy and sweet! How can you go wrong?

The small handful of these I bought at the time failed to sustain me for the trip home. I nearly passed out with mouth burn, but still I craved more! These little logs of orange crap had replaced my usual staple at that store: the famed chocolate covered liquorice log.

Today, something magical happened. I was perusing the local supermarket today, dawdling in the aisles to find a salty treat for me and my next-door teacher to share tomorrow at recess. I stumbled upon a whole bag of Gingerbons just begging me to thread them off the Texas Chainsaw Massacre-style hook that thwarted their attempts to escape. As I lifted the bag I thought I heard a bell ring. Yes, tomorrow I will bring these to school and share them with my colleague. Maybe she would like them

gingerbon 2.JPG
What can only be described as a lump of ginger coloured stuff coated lightly with icing sugar is just what's on the surface of this delectable treat.


I just had to own them whatever the cost.

I expected to pay upwards of five dollars, but was overjoyed that the entire bag of 25 scanned up at only $1.90.


It's been a good day, only now I have to go back and buy the only other bag there, and let the gingerbons within join those who went before them.


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