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School, school wonderful school May 2, 2006

Filed under: Education — Annaleis @ 5:50 pm

Hello Muffins!

As I sit here writing to you I feel wearied by the ache in my fingers from playing “Drunken Sailor” (Put him in a dress and put lipstick on him earlye in the Marrrrning!) and “Pick a Bale of Cotton” (Oh Lordy!) repeatedly, almost all afternoon. Not a lot of rich learning experiences happened after lunch today, let me tell you.

I’ve got lots of work to do, but this feeling of impending doom is outweighed by the stories I have to tell you.

Like yesterday morning, when the poor little boy who when reading out his journal entry under the heading “My weekend”, realized that he had accidentally left the word ‘went’ out.

Upon reading it to his small group he sounded something like this…

“On the weekend I to TargaaaaAAAH! It doesn’t maaaake se-e-e-eense!” (snivel, tears, crumpled face).

Poor little darling.


Or after lunch yesterday, where I sent a helper to go check on a girl, who had been in the toilet for a long time after lunch. She came back and told me that:

“I had a sore tummy at lunch, and then just had runny poos, and now I have to tell my Mummy, and thash why I was ay long time”.

Combine this with a straight face, a speech impediment and an innocence that would out-do that of a newborn baby, and you’ve got comedy gold!

Everyone else had a bit of a giggle, including the other 6 year olds.

Poor Lamb. She didn’t even notice.


Anyway, I’m off now to glue in some human body innards pictures (which they drew, they’re really quite good, for guts), then print out some sheet, then find a hat so I can go on duty properly, then figure out how to get them to write sentences,then organise my 'teacher' outfit for tomorrow (hmmm, wooly vest, or sensible shoes?) then then then… maybe I’ll go to bed before midnight tonight.


sensible shoes.jpg



One Response to “School, school wonderful school”

  1. Em Says:

    that was WAY funny 🙂

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