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Easter Break April 19, 2006

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It's only Wednesday, and already I can say that I have had an enjoyable Easter break, but once I've completed my planning for the grade 1 class I will be teaching until the end of term, I'll be a much happier Bloggerer.

So far during the break I've had 2 lots of drink nights, stayed away from home for a few nights, went to the flicks and ate Cheezel after Cheezel, visited some friends and did..some, ahem, knitting. (NERD! Yeah yeah, I hear ya.)

The first fun thing happened on Easter Saturday, when Hayley invited me over for drinks. Her brother Brian was a little sick after having three Johnny Walker Blacks. Weak? No. Turns out he was mixing the drinks in the dark, and we found upon inspection the next morning that he had drank half the bottle in three easy steps. Now that's tough. I drank half a bottle of cheap port and three ciders, and lived to tell the tale. Nooooice!

I got Hayley into nerdy stuff, she's learning how to crochet and she's knitting herself a scarf. Apparently she doesn't like me taking photos of her knitting…But i'm going to post one anyway hehehe.

hayley knit 2.JPG
It's only a little Photo. Maybe she won't notice…

Here's the nerdliness I've been indulging in lately. The teachers at the school i'm going to be working at are all snappy dressers, and I felt so unfashionable wearing my usual teacher clothes. I'm hoping this will prevent me from being shunned šŸ˜‰

blue scarf.JPG

You don't have to say it. I know it's gorgeous.

Where was I? OOOOoooooh Yes, Master Duckuler…

I saw Scary Movie 4 last night with my buddy pal Brendan. It was pretty good. Brendan's favourite part was the Brokeback Mountain scene. Understandably.

(thanks to Alastair for alerting me to that wicked link! Go visit his site!)

I loved the bit at the start with Dr Phil hehehe.

After the movie we went and got ourselves boozed up, spending $8 each on "Crackling Peach". Two bottles each. Hey, they were on special!

crackling peach.JPG

Note the beautifully presented label. A true mark of quality.

Speaking of quality, the shenanigans continued after the opening of the first bottles with the watching of Brendan's Viva la Bam season 3 DVD. Tee hee, Don Vito! In the Playboy Mansion! Watch out bunnies!

top hat 2.JPG

Brendan practices for the upcoming "A Christmas Carol" stage show

B and A1.JPG

So many things are in this world to disturb me.

thumbs up.JPG

Brendan's a special kind of person.

Shoosh, you. You know who I mean.

The fun rolled into a river and drowned in the wee hours of this morning, and in its place rose a torrent of tiredness, so we both took naps in our separate quarters. I awoke early (well, Geoff Jansz was still on), to find myself the only humanoid in the house. He didn't even leave a note! *sob sob etc etc*.

But that's OK, because sooner or later it will be birthday time for a few of my friends, and we shall meet again once more. And I'll do something nasty to him. Like throw relish on him or something. Like he hasn't done that to me before.

I'm telling!



2 Responses to “Easter Break”

  1. Al Says:

    Geez. BC’s hair is getting long! I’m going to pull on it next time I see him.

  2. Al Says:

    And the link to my website doesn’t even work! ONly needs šŸ˜€

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