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Launceston, February 2006 April 17, 2006

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Well, I know what you’re thinking, it’s April, silly child! Why are you writing about something that happened in February?

Well the reason is to recap one of the last fun social events I’ve been to – a party with all my friends from around the state. I can’t even remember the occasion, it was something to do with Cameron. Probably a housewarming, since he’d recently moved in with his girlfriend Liv.

Anyhoo, like I said, a fair amount of my friends from different parts of the state converged at Cammo’s little unit. Bread and I drove up together, Alastair, and Flugel and Steph all made their merry ways up from Hobart. Brendan, Benny, Gio and his girlfriend Debbie, Gealie, and lots of others I’d never met before who were all Liv’s friends all showed their faces, as most of them were already in Launnie for one reason or another.

There was dancing, there was singing, there was Benny’s special Para-Para hand moves, there were showers, shaving cream sprayfests, hosing downs, vodka shots, People in bins and lots of noise.

It was a great night.

For those of you who were there, and also those of you who missed out, or even those of you who are sticky beaks, here are some pictorial memories of that night.

cammo and liv.JPG
The perpetrators, Liv and Cammo

Alastair needs to start a career in modelling, check out at that self assured look.

benny and debbie.JPG
Benny and Debbie having a go at Para-Para

flugel and gio.JPG
Flugel and Gio- Talking Heads

the boys.JPG
Da Boyz..BC, Gio, Al, Ben-Ben, Cammo

gio slapping.JPG
BC gettin what he deserves

alastair kiss.JPG
We are all friends here

Jared, Bread, Gio, Debbie, BC

Bread and Leis in da West Side


One Response to “Launceston, February 2006”

  1. Gio Says:

    I recall Alastair had soft lips. Who knew?

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