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Just to kick things off April 12, 2006

Filed under: Crochet — Annaleis @ 1:09 pm

Because I am just at the beginning of my blogging career I am currently in 'over posting' mode, which means that I've got a backlog of stuff to tell all you Doubting Thomases about. Indeed, I am no saint, no martyr when it comes to blogging; I acknowledge that this spurt of posts is common among those who are newly-bloggers, and that like my predecessors, my interest may soon wither to an occasional update. You hope 😉
The most readily available thing I have to post right now is my crochet stuff. Was that a snigger I heard from the mezzanine? Did I hear the dulcit tones of a scoff coming from the orchestra pit? For shame! Hide your faces, all you people!

You'll all be laughing on the other side of your mooshes when winter arrives, and you have to get up every frost bitten morning to trudge through the Tasmanian hinterland to your respective places of work, dodging the frozen sticks that threaten to break off in your necks. "If only I was nicer to Annaleis, and nurtured her newfound hobby, she could have fashioned a warm wooly neck-protector for me so I wouldn't have disfiguring scars all over it".

Well, you're in luck, because when you see some of the things i've made, and you actually LIKE them, I might be available to make something like it for you…maybe, like, if I have time.

Woah, that was long. Gotta work on that. Sorry youse.

Here we go:

This is the 'Bows and Arrows' hat designed by Dot, from her website By the Hook. I made it on a trip down to Hobart on our way to see the White Stripes! Made with verigated acrylic yarn.

bows and arrows hat.JPG

These are the wrist warmers I made using a basic pattern. I changed it a lot by making them longer and by adding some shaping, I think they're ok but they need to be loooonger…or something. Made with 8ply acrylic.

wrist warmers.JPG

This is the first beaded crochet thing I made, it's a choker and I gave it to my pal Ally.

I got the pattern from

black choker.JPG

This is a 'book thong' made with cloisonne beads and verigated orange thread. I've made a heap of these, and even changed the pattern to add extra beads and make dangly things to hang off car mirrors and stuff. I really like making these, they're quick and easy and you can do whatever you like with them. I got this pattern from Yarn Tomato.

orange book thong.JPG

Here's another couple:
door thing.JPG book thong red.JPG black book thong.JPG

I think this post is long enough.

I'll put some more stuff up when I have the energy 😉




8 Responses to “Just to kick things off”

  1. Marcus Says:

    Are you knitting?

  2. Hayley Says:

    It’s spelt variegated, not verigated!

    I can’t believe it! Annaleis finally spelt something wrong!! Woohoo! Marcus is rejoicing!

  3. Annaleis Says:

    I was just testing youse blokes…

  4. Bread Says:

    Please dont make a book thong for people to actually wear- v. uncomfortable!

  5. Annaleis Says:

    Bread if I was making one for you I’d make sure it had a highway!

  6. toshah Says:


    nice work , god bless you

  7. far away Says:

    very creative too early to be so lonely

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